Awesome is the fourth level in the Special World of the game Super Mario World. This level takes place in a chilly and icy land. The ground is covered in ice, which makes it very slippery; it is therefore hard to control Mario or Luigi.


Awesome consists of one long screen, which the Player has 300 seconds on the Timer to complete. This level contains 5 Dragon Coins, and only one exit.

Normal Exit

Mario will start out next to a yellow Beach Koopa who will go into a shell which will proceed to chase the player. The player will need to jump on some Turning Blocks to get to higher ground. If the player has a Yoshi, the Yoshi can eat the flashing shell and fly through half of the level.

This part of the level is a series of small hollows and frozen areas, where numerous Beach Koopas keep kicking their shells so as to hit Mario. There are also several Rexes and Koopa Paratroopas throughout the level. Near the end of this part, the player will encoutner a P-Switch which will turn all Coins into Used Blocks. In order to get the Starman from the ? Block at the start of the second section of this level, the player will need to activate the P-Switch and jump on the Used Blocks before they revert to Coins.

The second part of the level is composed of small, slippery platforms overlooking large pits. It is quite hard to cross this area, as many Cheep-Cheeps are constantly leaping out of the pits to block Mario's way. Moreover, huge Banzai Bills also appear, which are hard to avoid. There is a Fire Flower near the beginning of this part of the level; however, it is easier to complete the level with a Cape Feather as near the end of the level the player will need to make precise jumps onto single Ice Blocks. If the P- Switch from earlier in the level is used in this section, Mario can reach a ? Block containing an Invincibility Star, making this part of the level much easier. After using the Koopa Paratroopa and Ice Block to land back on solid ground, the Giant Gate is just down the slope.

Platformer Level
World-Level 9-4
Game Super Mario World
Notes This is one of the few levels to have Flying Cheep Cheeps in it. It is also the first appearance of the Yellow Koopa Paratroopa. Also, the first appearance of the platform "Purple Arch Bridges". This level is slippery.
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