Cold Kirby
Cold Kirby
*character made by Random Waddle Dee Fan

Home Planet

Shiver Star


Ice, Ice Sword, Ice Bomb, Ice Tornado, Ice Skating


Ice Bomb cap

Air Ride Machine

Wheelie Scooter (with a built in Ice Wheel)

Closest Team Members

Crispy Kirby, Chilly, Parasol Waddle Dee

Cold Kirby is a Sapphire-colored Kirby who is a expert on using ice-based copy abilities, as well as a member of Team Kirby. He is native to Shiver Star and calls Frozen Hillside his home. One would normally see him wearing an Ice Bomb cap. His tried and true Air Ride Machine is a Wheelie Scooter with a built-in Ice Wheel that can also glide. He's also skilled at Suplex moves. But not as skilled as Bugzzy! His best friends are Crispy Kirby, Chilly, and Parasol Waddle Dee. Then again, all of the team members are good friends with Parasol Waddle Dee!!