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Spike-n-Span is a 1-vs-Rivals minigame featured in Mario Party 9.


The rivals are chased across a stone platform by the solo player. Several Monty Moles look out at the chase, then jump into their holes. The rivals then jump into the same holes the Monty Moles did, and the solo player stops chasing them.


The rivals attempt to score ten points by staying above the ground long enough without getting whacked by the solo player. A rival only has to stay above the surface for 1 second to score. When a rival scores, a music note appears over the hole they scored from. Monty Moles will also pop up intermittently. If a rival is hit by the hammer, they will be stunned temporarily. If the solo player prevents the rivals from scoring ten points within thirty seconds, the solo player wins.


This game has a similar idea as Monty's Revenge from Mario Party 7.

Hole Hogs
Appeared in 'Mario Party 9
Type 1-vs-Rivals minigame
Info Rules

The solo player must hammer the other players before they can earn points. The other players earn points by staying aboveground without getting hit.

Controls Solo

Hold the Wii Remote vertically. Point at your target, and press to hammer. Rivals Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Press , , or to choose a hole to pop out of. Earn a point every time you escape without being hit. Fill the points meter at the bottom to win!

Time Limit 30 seconds