This article is about the North American publication. For the Japan-only flash RAM cartridge service for the SuperFamicom and Game Boy, see Nintendo Power (cartridge).

Nintendo Power

The current Nintendo Power logo.

Editor Chris Slate
Categories Video games
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 475,000[1]
Publisher Nintendo (former), Future US (current)
First issue July/August 1988
Country USA, Canada
Language English
ISSN 1041-9551

Nintendo Power magazine is a monthly news and strategy magazine formerly published in-house by Nintendo of America, but now runs independently. As of issue #222 (December 2007), Nintendo contracted publishing duties to Future US, the U.S. subsidiary of British publisher Future.[2]

The first issue published was July/August 1988 spotlighting the NES game Super Mario Bros. 2. It remains one of the longest-running video game magazines in the United States and Canada, and is Nintendo's official magazine in North America.