Team Kirby Emblem

The team's emblem

There is a team of Kirbies and other species on Pop Star. They call themselves Team Kirby. The team is made up of 12 Kirbies and 33 others. Their base is somewhere in the Secret Sea on Popstar. The base looks extremely similar to City Trial from Kirby Air Ride. The team members are mostly native to Popstar's neighboring planets. For instance, Ghoste Kirby, the team leader, is native to the Eternal Planet Halfmoon. Team Kirby live in the world of the Kirby anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. They protect the galaxy from Nightmare and his army of monsters. That is, until the threats of monsters have mysteriously begun depleting. Currently they have found out that there is another Kirby somewhere on Popstar, and are currently on a mission to search for this anonymous puffball (at least, this Kirby is anonymous to them).
Team Kirby sprites

Sprites of the Kirbies on the team, along with their Air Ride Machines (or submarine, in Ocean Kirby's case), Powers, and homes in the background. There is also a sprite depicting the unknown Kirby. Say, isn't that the Warpstar beneath the picture?